• Locatie: Long Beach, California
  • Duur: Flexible (circa)
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Discover the ‘Queen Mary’ – from her art deco design and history to her World War II service and paranormal activity – while you are in Los Angeles. Explore this floating museum, which sits in port in Long Beach, with one of three ticket options that will give you an in-depth look at the ship and her past.
Experience the history and the mystery of the historic Queen Mary, a famed 1930s transatlantic ocean liner with endless secrets from celebrity passengers to alleged spirits that haunt the vessel today. During the self-guided tour and the various optional exhibits and activities, you’ll learn about the glamorous history of the Queen Mary, her art deco beauty and what it was like to be a first-class passenger aboard this famous ship. Find out about her historical significance as the "Grey Ghost" during WWII. And discover whether the Queen Mary is really haunted.

Choose from three ticket options (for further information on individual tours, shows and exhibits, please see the Itinerary section below):
  • Queen Mary Passport: Self-guided tour of the ship and an optional audio tour, 4-D Theater Screening, Queen Mar Historic Exhibits, "Passion for Painting" exhibit and choice of Ghosts & Legends show or Haunted Encounters.
  • First Class Historical Passport: Self-guided tour of the ship and an optional audio tour, the Glory Days Historical Tour, the Ghosts & Legends show, entrance to the "Passion for Painting" exhibit and Queen Mary Historic Exhibits.
  • Royal Passport: Self-guided tour of the ship and an optional audio tour, 4-D Theater Screening, entry to the Diana: Legacy of a Princess exhibit, entry to the "Passion for Painting" exhibit and Queen Mary Historical Exhibits.
  • Grand Voyage Passport: Self-guided tour of the ship and an optional audio tour, 4-D Theater Screening, the Glory Days Historical, the Haunted Encounters tours, the Ghosts & Legends show, entry to Diana: Legacy of a Princess exhibit and Queen Mary Historical Exhibits.

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The Queen Mary
Long Beach, California
Hours: 10am to 6pm
Please note: Hours of operation subject to change without notice


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General Admission

General Admission

USD 24,89
First Class Passport

First Class Historical Passport

USD 32,89
Grand Voyage Admission

Admission, self-guided Shipwalk tour with audio headset, Ghost & Legends Show, Diana, Legacy of a Princess exhibit, Russian Scorpion Submarine and a choice between the Behind the Scenes or WWII Tour

USD 54,89
Royal Admission

Admission, self-guided Shipwalk tour with audio headset and Diana, Legacy of a Princess Exhibit

USD 34,89


The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary

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    • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
    • Please Note: Due to the historic nature of the vessel, not all areas are easily accessible by guests with mobility issues.  Both the Diana Exhibit and the Ghosts & Legends show are fully accessible; most other tours and exhibits require extensive use of stairs
    • Blackout Dates:  The Queen Mary is open 365 days a year, but a separate Special Event ticket is required to visit on some dates, including but not limited to:  6/12-14, 7/4, and 12/31 (subject to change without notice)
    Exhibits and activities on the Queen Mary in Long Beach:

    Audio Tour
    Explore the ship at your leisure and let your audio guide take you through the story of the Queen Mary. Included with General Admission ticket option. (Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, self-guided)

    4-D Theater Screening
    The ship's newest attraction is a 121-seat theater offering a 3-D viewing experience with 4-D effects such as wind and scents.

    Glory Days: A Historical Tour
    This guided walking tour offers you a deeper look into the ship's history, from her construction and launch to her passenger service and days as a troopship. (Approximately 1 hour)

    Haunted Encounters Tour
    Take a guided ghost tour of the Queen Mary’s haunted areas as your tour guide reveals the stories of the ship's most famous reported apparitions. (Approximately 1 hour)

    Ghosts & Legends show
    Dare to experience the Queen Mary’s famous paranormal hotspots on this interactive special-effects show. (Approximately 30 minutes)

    The Passion for Painting: The Art of Winston Churchill Exhibition
    View paintings rarely seen in North America by the British statesman Winston Churchill (1874–1965), one of the most renowned wartime leaders of the twentieth century and one of the most illustrious passengers of the Queen Mary

    Queen Mary Historic Exhibit

    Discover the Queen Mary's past with this interactive exhibit, where you can step back in time to learn about her sailing years and her war service.

    Diana, Legacy of a Princess
    The exhibit is a priceless collection of evening gowns, personal accessories, and cherished memorabilia associated with Princess Diana and the Royal Family (Approximately 1-2 hours, self-guided)
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    Beoordelingein in andere talen

    Beoordeling door: Elaine N, september 2016

    I love the Queen Mary! I took the haunted tour and thoroughly enjoyed it! After the tour I enjoyed strolling along the decks of this beautiful ocean liner! I then had a lovely dinner at one of the wonderful restaurants on board! It truly was a wonderful experience!

    Beoordeling door: Marilyn B, juli 2016

    This tour was amazing!