• Lieu : Sydney, Australie
  • Durée : 8 heures (environ)
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Avis en Français

Avis de: marinejc, novembre 2014

génial, dommage que l'eau était fraiche et qu'il y avait trop de vent l'après midi ; prof super cool !!!

Avis dans d'autres langues

Avis de: GARY E, avril 2015

Great day out even though I am 53 and was with 20 year old Back Packers - Deano was a great bloke

Avis de: Paul R, Australia, décembre 2011

awesome.friendly,down to earth,relaxed,good teaching and success,thoroughly recommend this!!!

Avis de: Daedeuk K, mars 2011

it wasn't Bondi beach but we were happy to have the beach to ourselves.
small group and uber friendly instructor.
all in all it was wonderful!

Avis de: Anonyme, mai 2010

I highly recommended this school because they took us to a very secluded beach where we could surf all day without running into other people, this is very important when you first learned to surf. I went to Bondi the day after this lesson and found people everywhere in the water, I cannot avoid running my board into them. The lesson was good and plenty of surf time. We surfed so much, we were completely worn out and still had 2 hrs left to surf. The instructor kept encouraging us to continue surfing but none us had the strength anymore. By the way, your knees will get scratched up pretty bad, so wear a knee pad until you get good. The sand will scratch up your knees and the salt will attach your wound, that's what wears you out and can't surf anymore but no worries about injuries.

Avis de: Nicholas A, United Kingdom, février 2010

Fantastic experience - they even managed to get me up and surfing so there is hope for everyone else and they must be good!!

Avis de: Larissa W, Australia, février 2010

What a great day out. Sun ,surf, sand and fun.