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Anonymous, July 2010

Going down into the catacombs is nice and cold underground!

St Clemente

johnhaddock57, September 2015

Below our feet were two completely different churches from two completely different ages of Christianity, one on top of each other. And yes, you climb down through the layers to see both.

Cappuccini monastery

John L, USA, December 2014

A great history lesson for many things, including how a type of coffee got its name.

St Clemente Basilica entrance

John L, USA, December 2014

A very important site and actual Basilica well worth its own couple of hours to visit independently.

A view of the Catacomb site from the parking lot

John L, USA, December 2014

First thing that caught me were the trees, ask your guides about them, they serve a purpose and are selected for a very important attribute of them, fascinating bit of trivia.

Crypts and Catacombs tour

Italy 2014, July 2014

On the grounds by the catacombs

The basilica San Clemente.

Milena Simeonov S, May 2014

The amazing mosaics of the medievalq the upmost level.