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Besucheralle Vatikan

Fred H, August 2013

Anhand eines Modells zeigen die Guides den Besuchern die wichtigsten Gebäude im Vatikan.

St. Peters

Jose M, USA, August 2010

Last stop in the tour.

Museum Garden

Anonymous, USA, December 2009

In the Garden. This was just wonderful to visit the gardens on a beautiful sunny day.

Map gallery, Vatican Museums

James P, United Kingdom, January 2009

Taken during our tour. Quite apart from the colorful frescoes depicting early maps, the ceiling was truly breathtaking. Stopping to take the picture did not mean losing any of the commentary of our guide because we were receiving this over earphones.

Notice anything missing?

Anonymous, United Kingdom, April 2008

Popes had male statues either castrated or covered their maleness with leaves.

Gallery of Maps

Brian C, United Kingdom, January 2008

This gallery has a beautiful ceiling and maps of Rome going from South to North.

David R, January 2017

Start of the museum tour.