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  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Duration: 15 hours (approx.)

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Reviewed by: Jenjen, Australia, January 2017

Loved this trip. It was about 18 hours in total for the day, but didnt really feel that long at the time. They first picked us up at 6am and stopped at a few other hotels to pick more people up. We then got to the bus terminal and they checked us in, there was a coffee shop and bathroom at terminal so we got to get breakfast and use the bathroom if needed.
We then got to the bus, found our seats and we were off. The bus had a bathroom too, not that many people used it as we stopped at lot but it was good to know it was there incase of an emergancy. After about 1 and a half hours we stopped at the hoover dam, we got 20 mins here. Got to see the dam then back on the bus. There was bathrooms here too but the line was crazy.
About 2 hours of driving we stopped again at McDonalds. The time betwneen these stops went really fast. The driver spoke a lot and tbere was little videos about the towns we were passing. After this was another 2 hours. At this place we got lunch, there was a few options for lunch including pizza, sandwiches and chicken and rice. We watched an imax video too. I thought that was stupid, we were 15 mins from the GC and we werre watching a movie about it. After an hour here we made our first stop at the GC, it was amazing here, we didnt stay long becuase the altitude was low. But the views here werre awesome. We then went to another point were the lodges were. We watched the sunset here, i loved the views here and we had about 2 hours, it was nice to just sit and watch the views. We got back on the bus after that and they put a movie on. We only had 1 stop on the way home, it went pretty fast. I brought a tablet with my own movies and some snacks so i was pretty comfortable. When we got back to the strip we had to get on anothed bus. This was anouying at the time becuase we had to get off our bus, but they did this to split up the hotels so it was good becuase there wasnt as many stops. We got dropped off at 10pm.
We had a 3 week holiday in the states and this was probably the best day we had. Would recomend it for sure, i am not someone who likes long drives either and i was very comfortable.

Reviewed by: Keith A, January 2017

the bus trip was good. Driver was full of anecdotes kept the trip interesting. there was also a tape? about the history of Vegas as well to keep you entertained. They did encourage you to buy a helicopter ride or jeep exploration. we didn't bother there is plenty to see just walking around.
the only bad experience was the lunch stop before seeing the canyon, you are given vouchers for a meal at the stop, pizza hut outlet, you only have a limited time there but when you have 6 or 7 coach loads of people descending on a place built to accommodate 2 coach loads you end up in a massive queue and when you get to the food service your choice is limited to what's left, then there is no seats available to sit and have your food as they cannot cope with the amount of people, And there are places across the road empty, as the vouchers are only valid for the one place.
the grand canyon is fantastic and its a fantastic day out.

Reviewed by: Miss Jo L S, United Kingdom, January 2017

This trip was well organised and the included lunch was delicious. We opted for the 2-hour jeep hour which was brilliant, the tour guide took us to the best locations for photos. I wish I could do it all again, one day isn't enough at this awesome place.

Reviewed by: Lita.plaza899, January 2017

The pick-up time was accurate. Lunch was included and it was excellent, there were so many choices. We also selected the tour with 3D movie and were not disappointed. On the way back to Las Vegas, we stop for a bite to eat. I would recommend this tour to anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money.

Reviewed by: mtvanbeek, January 2017

It was a very long day but there were enough stops plus informational videos and movies on the coach to make it enjoyable. I recommend the upgrade Pink Jeep afternoon tour/IMAX/lunch. We got to visit incredible lookouts with our special guide taking us to his favorite spots! Loved it.

Reviewed by: NITEEN N, January 2017

Professional Drivers.
Enough time to See Hoover Dam and Two Grand Canyon Points.

Reviewed by: NITEEN N, January 2017

Professional Drivers.
Enough time to See Hoover Dam and Two Grand Canyon Points.