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Anonymous, January 2012

Bridge in Kyoto, Japan.

Making rolled omlettes

Allison B, June 2015

This was much easier than I thought! Rolled omelettes are a lot of fun!

Cooking class

Nita, April 2014

The finished product: sauteed spinach with sesame seeds and multi colored maki! YUMMY!

Cooking Class

Nita, April 2014

Aikiko teaches us how to make tamagoyaki.

Kyoto Nishiki Market

Nita, April 2014

A wonderful mil long covered market sellign everything from rice, to tea to dried fish and pickled vegetables!

The finished product...

Ronald M, April 2013

This is me with my finished product after the cooking lesson. Nothing beats fresh cooking, as we demonstrated by eating what we made, pretty well straightaway...!

Learning to make Japanese food...

Ronald M, April 2013

This is our cooking-sensei (that's Japanese for 'teacher') who provided great insights into Japanese cooking and culture. I must confess, to being a little worried at first, but with such wonderully kind teachers, it was a lot easier than I thought and I really enjoyed it - no stress and all fun!