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  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Duration: 11 hours (approx.)
From USD $48.99

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Reviewed by: Aisha F, November 2016

Long day, but well worth it! Spectacular views from the pyramids and the Shrine of Guadalupe was mind blowing!

Reviewed by: Marcelo C, November 2016

Awesome, definitely worth it, Would have paid 3 times as much after completing tour. Tour guides are informative and are ready to answer any questions. Would highly recommend this tour.

Reviewed by: Michael Y, November 2016

Great Tour with Olympus Tour.

Reviewed by: gsepe16, November 2016

The place is amazing! These is the largest and best pyramid I've seen in Mexico aside from Chechen Itza. As a christian born it's a must to visit The Shrine of Guadalupe, it's fulfilling to visit such sacred place as a part of the tour.

Reviewed by: Mae M, November 2016

This tour started off on the wrong foot in that the tour company taking us on the tour had us registered at the wrong hotel. When I booked the tour online I got an email from the the host company asking for the name of the hotel in Mexico City. I typed in the name as our hotel was not on the list but it seems that our hotel has a similar name to a hotel on the list and somehow the list defaulted to the name on the list and I did not catch that. This meant we were late getting picked up by about half an hour. Once organized, we were on this tour with 10 other people plus the tour guide and driver. Our tour guide spoke English quite well and our tour was in Spanish and English.
The tour began with a visit to Plaza de las Tres Culturas. It was interesting to hear about this area in the middle of Mexico City. The ruins are of an Aztec market place and the rocks from the ruins were used to build the Church of Santiago in 1604 and is home to a huge housing complex today.
We left there and headed for Teotihuacan. If at all possible sit on the right side of the bus heading out of Mexico City to Teotihuacan, there is quite a lot to see of Mexico City and surroundings.
At Teotihuacan we were introduced to the Mexican hairless dog and also had a lesson in geology. We finally got to the ruins and this is very much a walking tour, not difficult walking but there are some steep steps before getting to the main attractions. There are also no park benches to sit and take in the view. I really enjoyed seeing the Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun. They were very awe inspiring and really make you think about how did the Aztecs manage to build these pyramids? You are also free to climb these ruins. I did not climb them but my sister climbed the Temple of the moon as there were only 50 steps involved. She said they were fairly steep but some of the younger people were practically running up the steps. The Temple of the Sun had 250 steps and we did not climb them. I was glad I was able to see these ruins.
From there we stopped and had a very nice lunch. I prepaid for our lunch when I booked the trip and I would suggest that is a good idea.
Our next stop was the Shrine of Guadalupe. Wow this was an amazing church. Amazing in that it is such a modern shrine built on an ancient story. It is the most visited shrine in the world and if you are in Mexico City you should go and visit.
At the end of the tour we were not dropped at our hotel because they still had not figured out that they did not have the correct name of our hotel. Given the traffic in Mexico City the Tour operator asked if we would mind being dropped off with in about 2 blocks of our hotel. We were agreeable and they pointed us in the right direction and we wound up back at our hotel safe and sound.
Other than the glitch about our hotel I really enjoyed this tour. I thought out tour guide was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He spoke English very well. I think his name was Jose.
For personal information there is a lot of off and on a van that seats 12 people, a lot of walking, no places to sit while touring, plenty of washroom breaks.
I would recommend this tour.

Reviewed by: Katerina G, November 2016

It was great and very informative! I would go again!

Reviewed by: Lorraine H, November 2016

Totally recommend this trip. My son and I had a great day. Guide very knowledgeable and helpful. Worth every penny!