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Its all about Sake in Japan :

Ernabel D, July 2016

Sake at the Meiji Shrine

Buddhist Temple

John L, USA, February 2015

Buddhist temple, pagoda, and area

Garden gate from inside the entrance

John L, USA, February 2015

Looking down the entrance toward Tokyo, currently the guard building is being renovated, it will add to the tour when completed.

Famous corner of the Imperial garden

John L, USA, February 2015

A traditional Japanese garden where all elements of nature are designed into the corner, including a small waterfall and pond full of koi

Walls and trees

John L, USA, February 2015

One of the interesting items our guide mentioned were the colors of the blocks making up the walls. The darker ones from Fuji in the south, the lighter ones from queries to the north.

One of the marriages we saw at the shrine

John L, USA, February 2015

The wedding processions we saw were all in traditional clothing and very ceremonial. It was a real treat to get to see these and how the cultural experiences are the same and different from our own.

Shinto Monk Procession

John L, USA, February 2015

Our tour arrived just as the bells were tolling and soon after the monks left. The guards cleared a path and everyone had to stand to the side as they came through