• Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Duration: 8 hours 30 minutes (approx.)
From AUD 118.32

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Reviewed by: Cherie W, December 2016

Excellent way to see a lot in a short amount of time. We were only in Tokyo for three days on way to Asia so this trip fit the bill perfectly. We didn't have much time at any of the stops but that was to be expected with all we saw. Be aware that return to your hotel is not included so you will need to take the train or get a cab back. That was one surprise we weren't expecting.

Reviewed by: suzie r, December 2016

Tour operator was fantatsic covered all areas needed in one day

Reviewed by: MC, November 2016

This was an excellent tour. Well organized and very informative. It touched several areas of Tokyo so it was a well rounded tour. After the tour, we felt like we owed them more money!

Reviewed by: Bon Russel P, November 2016

amazing tour and witty guide, made our trip memorable for me and my wife...

Reviewed by: pai, November 2016

Excellent tour......professional staff....very good guide .....not only explains importance of sightseeing but also explains culture and history of Japan...........nice approach helpful .......

Reviewed by: JasChris, November 2016

Basically, everything you wanted to see you get to see and you learn about the history and culture. I totally recommend this tour and the guide was great.

Reviewed by: jchung0405, November 2016

I think that this tour is a great way to tour some of Tokyo's attractions in a single day - IF you aren't the type that likes to venture out on your own and not afraid of getting lost. This tour goes to some of the most popular tourist attractions, but moves really fast. Every stop we went to, we only had about 20 minutes to walk around, take pictures, buy things, etc. By the time you observed one thing, it was already 10 minutes later, but there are about 10 other things to look at in one place. So, we had to move really fast. The only exception was the buffet, which was a lot better than I expected. We had 40 minutes at the buffet. It had a nice variety and was really nice inside. The Tokyo Bay Cruise was not as bad as some of the other reviewers had said. It was like 20-30 minutes of quiet time after all the rushed walking we had done earlier in the day, so I quite enjoyed it. We did see the Rainbow Bridge from this cruise, but because it was still daytime, the lights on the bridge weren't on. So, it took us some time to wonder why it was called the Rainbow Bridge we realized why it was called that when we drove by at night.

The tour guide was good she explained some of the basic things, like the difference between a shrine and a temple, what to do at the shrine, what certain things are and represent, etc. Her English isn't bad. I understood about 99 of what she said. I also enjoyed the very last part of our tour, which was at one of the information centers. They had a little performance. The guide had been talking about that since the start of our tour. Something about it taking the performer an hour or two to put on makeup every day. Well, the dance was pretty :. The guide also ensures that we all know where we need to go when the tour ends. For us, we had to go to another night time tour, so our guide directed us to the nearest station. Some were going back to their hotels, so she directed them to the nearest station to take.

What you should be wary of is how fast you have to move from one venue to another, so if you are a slower-moving person, you may want to put on your best walking shoes or be prepared to get left behind. You may think that because you're a paying customer that they will wait for you no matter what and they will wait to a reasonable time, but if you get lost and you're making everyone late, I'm sorry to say that it's not always the right choice, but it is the best choice that you get left behind. It is what had happened on our particular tour an older couple didn't return for 20-30 minutes. The daughter eventually made the decision to search for them, at the urging of all the other whispering and staring customers on board and the guide, and our bus left. The guide did exchange information with the daughter so that the company would know if they made it back safely. I'm sure it was disappointing for them, but people like us still had a different non-refundable tour to go onto after this tour ended, so it was important that the guide knew when to move on. Well, it is Tokyo. It is a safe city. Also, you won't get lost for long as long as you have good enough problem-solving skills. Or just ask people. I swear, they all very helpful.

We are actually 3 capable young travelers on this trip. Although we still got lost once or twice AND Google Maps wasn't always reliable, we realized that it was probably better if we chose our venues and ventured there ourselves. I don't regret booking this tour at all, but I believe that if you are adventurous, capable, somewhat smart, and have the time, you should definitely visit these venues on your own rather than book a tour, because you will get more out of it on your own. Or do a private tour if you have the money. There is nothing like getting one-on-one face time.