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The Pope

Joye R, June 2015

This is how close you get.

Papal Audience with Pope Benedict XXVI

Maybeth R, April 2011

I took this at the end when everybody had left. If you're patient, you're going to be able to be this close. Photo taken WITHOUT zoom.

lilypad1001, October 2016

lilypad1001, October 2016

Maria R, October 2016

Tell us who is in the photo, what you were doing, etc.

Papal Audience Guide 28 Sep 2016

Robert L, October 2016

Our Guide 28 Sep 2016 for the Papal Audience.

Pope Frances 27 Sep 2016

Robert L, October 2016

Photo by Nancy of the Pope on 27 Sep 2016. What a great smile he has. So glad we had an opportunity to get so close to him.