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Traditional Japanese Wedding

Anonym, Juli 2010

It was such a hot day for a wedding.

Sato-San & Me

Martha W, USA, April 2010

He was my tour guide that day.

Me & Yunko-san

Martha W, USA, April 2010

She was a great tour guide. I enjoyed her company and she was very knowledgeable.

Nose & Me

Martha W, USA, März 2010

Nose was my tour guide of the day, she was amazing at explaining about the Imperial Family, the Shougun and everyone else involved in japanese history! She was very kind as well. I loved this tour.

Meiji Shinto Shrine

Tyrone P, Australia, Februar 2008

Priests on their way to the Meiji Shinto Shrine.

Imperial Palace East Garden

Tyrone P, Australia, Februar 2008

Us at the Imperial Palace East Garden.

Little Shopping Time

Joanne U, Juni 2016

A mini mall to do some shopping at the end of the tour