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Koalas at the Zoo

David V, Dezember 2015

Mama and baby stole the show!

Taronga Zoo, Sydney

tacjam, Oktober 2011

My favorite Wombat!

Taronga Zoo - Giraffes and Sydney skyline

Christine C, Juli 2008

Taronga Zoo: This is why they say the giraffes have the best view of Sydney.


Trina B, Juni 2016

Haha, one of my favorite photos of the trip - This little kangaroo was loving life this day! 3!

Zoo Kitchen!

Trina B, Juni 2016

Part of our tour - Stop by to see what the animals eat and how it's prepared!

Kangaroo - Pebbles!

Trina B, Juni 2016

This little lady was so amazing!

Petting a bilby.

Bill604, Oktober 2015

I'm petting a bilby.