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Koalas at the Zoo

David V, Dezember 2015

Mama and baby stole the show!

Taronga Zoo, Sydney

tacjam, Oktober 2011

My favorite Wombat!

Taronga Zoo - Giraffes and Sydney skyline

Christine C, Juli 2008

Taronga Zoo: This is why they say the giraffes have the best view of Sydney.

Very near to the animals.

Werner T, Oktober 2016

My wife and me feeding the animals.


jeanievan, September 2016

The zookeeper delivered a handful of worms as we prepared some animal meals! Joy!!

Behind the scenes in the Kitchen

jeanievan, September 2016

We had a chance to visit the zoo kitchen and participate in the preparation of some of the meals.

Koala Habitat

jeanievan, September 2016

Pictures with the Koala were definitely a highlight!