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Colosseum Tour

Jeff, Australia, Juli 2013

beautiful view of the Colosseum

At the Colosseum in Rome

Andrew G, Juli 2013

Our family standing on the original cobblestone road just outside the Colosseum.


pooley, Juni 2012

Our guide Emanuella (in yellow) and Trish my beautiful wife! Colosseum in the background.

On top of Capitoline Hill

John V, United States of America, Juni 2012

The Forum and Capitoline Hill were much, much more extensive than I had imagined.


Paul L, USA, Januar 2012

View of Forum and Palantine Hill from Colosseum.

Ancient Rome: the Colosseum.

susan S, Juli 2011

Ancient Rome: the Colosseum. Kids loved this tour!


Charlene T, Oktober 2010

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