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Bericht von: s.marsky, Mai 2016

Awesome Tour! We my girlfirend and me where the only participants on this tour monday, german language tour.Our guide Roberto was very kind and gave us an excellent overview not only of the chocolat and pastry of Paris, but also of the beautiful neighborhood we walked around. We had seven stops Maison du Chocolat, Polaine, Patrick Roger, Gerald Mulot, Un Dimanche a Paris, Henri Le Roux, Lupicia and tasted an outstanding variety of chocolates, sweets, pastry and even tea. Would recommend this tour anytime!

Bericht von: Gerhard Z, Mai 2015

War ein tolles Erlebnis, abseits der Touristenpfade mit wirklichen ausgezeichneten Verkostungen!

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Bericht von: Barbara S, Oktober 2016

This is an amazing tour. The guide was excellent and the chocolates and pastries were heavenly. Nice history of Paris while walking and eating.

Bericht von: Jeffrey G, Oktober 2016

Christine was great. I loved learning about the food that we were eating. Moreover, I was thoroughly impressed with Christine's knowledge of Paris' history. She was delightful and I could listen to her talk all day.

Bericht von: ljbanton, Oktober 2016

Guide was extremely knowledgeable and each individual location and the products offered, we sampled at each location

Bericht von: Bonnie D, Oktober 2016

Our tour guide introduced us to the most delicious chocolatiers and patisseries in Paris. We got to sample their products and were amazed at the quality of taste and how they were displayed. We were spoiled from our first day in Paris. Now we knew what to look for when we wanted chocolates or breads or desserts. Thank you for a wonderful tour.

Bericht von: christinastrike, Oktober 2016

This tour was wonderful! We enjoyed the food as well as the other people in our group. We had a wonderful tour guide who was knowledgeable and allowed for some personalization to the tour as well.