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Fantastic day with Monet.

Michael P, Juli 2014

Just one of the beautiful scenes in the garden.

On the Japanese bridge

Mitch B, Juli 2013

The Japanese bridge over the pond with the lily pads and row boats.

The path to Monet's front door, Giverny

David S, United Kingdom, Juli 2010

Monet's house from the front gate

Lots of water lilies!

Anonym, United Kingdom, Juni 2010

We didn't have any clouds so reflection is of a clear blue sky

Monets Garden

Josee, Juni 2016

One of many beautiful flowers in Monet's garden.

Monets Water Garden

Josee, Juni 2016

Monet's famous water lilies

The Magnificence of Monets Garden

Sandra F, Australia, September 2015

The Lilypad Garden