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Nic G, Mai 2012

Preparing for a drenching on the Maid in the Mist

Maid of the Mist

Mr Joshua C, August 2011

Niagara Falls themselves

niagara falls

Anonym, Oktober 2009

nice weather, kind people

Niagara Falls

Shaun M, New Zealand, Oktober 2009

Niagara Falls with the Lady of the Mist boat in front

A View of the Falls

Anonym, New Zealand, September 2009

Can you beat this?

Overview of Niagara Falls

JAY W, United Kingdom, November 2007

The sun had his hat on the day I went, here's the result.

No Hands

Samantha J, Mai 2016

We had a brilliant view of the falls and were able to take so many photos with no crowds.