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Central Park

Celine D, März 2013

Presque seuls dans Central Park, un très beau moment...

Time Square

Celine D, März 2013

Sur Time Square !

Tony and Paul

barboza1986, April 2012

New York 2012

On the Brookyln bridge

MrsPsychobear, United Kingdom, Januar 2012

One of my favorite pictures of me and my new husband on the Brooklyn bridge


FRANCINE, USA, Januar 2012

Loved riding the subway!

Brooklyn Bridge

ketaka, November 2011

Brooklyn bridge, November5,2011Refioglu 135

Sanchez/Central Park December 2010

MICHAEL and RACHEL, USA, Dezember 2010

This picture captured what was really in my heart...Finally had our honeymoon after 9 years of marriage!