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misirandrei, Oktober 2016

Eating Macarons inside La Louvre

Eiffel Tower in all its glory.

Judith O, September 2016

This pic was taken from the tour bus heading towards the Tower.

First trip to Paris, all smiles

cheri_jimmccormick, Juli 2016

Ainsley enjoying first trip to Paris


Donna W, Juli 2016

Notre Dame from Boat

Cheryl F, Oktober 2015

One of the many splendid views you'll see on the boat ride. This one was taken from the back deck.

Inside the Boat

Cheryl F, Oktober 2015

If you're not worried about capturing many pictures, this boat ride will be perfect for you. It was warm and the guide spoke in French, English, Spanish, and Italian. Because I wanted to take pictures, I found the arrangement a bit limiting and spent most of my time on the back deck.

One View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Cheryl F, Oktober 2015

At the first stage of the Eiffel Tower, you get a good panoramic view of the city. Due to time considerations, we did not choose to go higher! We did walk down the stairs instead of taking the lift, and we were surprised at just how many stairs there were!