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2013-08-08 16.41.28.jpg

HTravelerUK, United Kingdom, September 2013


A Toast to London

Shawn, USA, März 2012

My husband and I on the London Eye, sipping champagne on our first day in London.

Picture from in the Pod

Lori S, USA, August 2009

Have them take a picture with your camera. The one they take does not have a background.

london pic

tomas j, Oktober 2015

Champagne at London Eye

Your perfect pod awaits!

Laura J, Dezember 2014

London Eye capsule

London Eye in the rain.

Jeffrey L, Juli 2014

Beautiful view, but not easy to see on a rainy night.

2013-08-08 16.45.15.jpg

HTravelerUK, United Kingdom, September 2013

At the top!