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jggarre, España, September 2013

Delante del circulo

Me and my wife, Pam, at Stonehenge

Scott R, Canada, Juli 2013

Me and my wife walking around the outside of Stonehenge.

Druid dancing?

Gary B, Juli 2013

Even teenagers enjoy this tour!

A Stonehenge sunset

Gary R, USA, September 2009

At Stonehenge


Anonym, USA, Juli 2009

The Abbey in Bath. You've got a nice view from the Roman baths. The interior is beautiful as well, and has impressive stained class windows.

Stonehenge at sunset

Robert P, Bermuda, April 2009

Great ending to the day! Stonehenge was amazing...especially on such a gorgeous day!

The George Inn

Andy D, Canada, September 2008

A 13th century pub in Lacock where we had a wonderful English breakfast.