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Vegas Hot Air Baqlloon Ride

Tom and Cindy, USA, November 2013

Tom and Cindy on our Hot Air Balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

david h, Juli 2013

Leaving Las Vegas!

Helping set up

Rivka, April 2013

After setting up the balloon, we got to go inside!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Cowboysrock, USA, April 2013

My mom and I inside the balloon

The Burner Flame

SF, März 2013

To make the balloon go vertical the burner flame fill the rest of the balloon with HOT air.....amazing to see.


SF, März 2013

We are walking inside the balloon inflated by a huge fan before the flame of heat puts it upright. Totally Awesome!

Our hot air balloon trip

Sandra D, Januar 2013

So peaceful.