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Boarding the motorized raft on the Colorado River

IRVINE, September 2011

Boarding the motorized raft on the Colorado River

Kids in the River

Steven B, USA, August 2009

This was our first stop on the river. It was a hot day 110 degrees but the water was a very cool 57 degrees! Look how remarkably clear the water is.

Syncronized Dive

Kathy D, USA, Mai 2009

Me & brother chose to dive into the Colorado River which just happens to be 54 degrees. My mom was able to capture the dive. We immediately got out of the water!

Lunch break.

Rita A, September 2016

Stopped for lunch break. Some went swimming. our river guide was awesome, and we saw some long horn sheep.

Pic of our guide who was excellent

Brian.P, Oktober 2015

He provided us with jokes and information and kept us entertained and safe all the way thank you.


jodecar, Juni 2014

Canards pris le long du black canyon

restful rafting what a pleasure

linda b, November 2013

Members of our raft