• Ort: Cairns, Palm Cove und Northern Beaches, Australien
  • Dauer: Gültig für 2 beliebige Tage in einem Zeitraum von 7 Tagen (ca.)
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Bericht von: J. Klaus F, Dezember 2013

Alles ok

Bericht von: Matthias K, Januar 2017

Besorgt euch einen anderen Kundenservice!
Viator prüft bei Buchung die Verfügbarkeit nicht und zieht Geld ab, obwohl eine Reise nicht zustandekommen kann.
Das Geld wird nicht wieder zügig zurückzugeben.
Über 1100 Euro zehn Tage gblockt bisher ohne Rückmeldung.
Eine offensichtlicher Betrug am Kunden.

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Bericht von: Patricia A, Januar 2017

We highly recommend these two days of activity. Beautiful scenery to be seen from the train. Very comfortable ride and wonderful staff. Waterfalls were gorgeous. Next day we snorkeled and saw so many fish it was a treat. Staff was super helpful!!! Food was ok. I and #39;d take snacks onboard though.

Bericht von: mark s, Januar 2017

really enjoyed both days of this experience. transportation/shuttle to and from for both days was outstanding ! traveling by train to kuranda was good as the sites from the train and the history shared were wonderful. kuranda itself was an adventure of small open markets and shops along with restaurants and some tourist traps as well. the koala gardens here were fair as i felt the area could have been more spacious for the animals, as the kangaroos and wallabies were sad and somewhat physically unhealthy. however the extra cost to enter and see this was healthy pricey! would liked to have checked out the rainforest and what it entailed while we were here but was overwhelmed with the small markets gong on and the time frame we had to work with. really enjoyed the skyrail as it represented itself well. the second day to the great barrier reef was truly enjoyed by myself and my daughter as we left cairns pier on a incredible big new boat called the evolution. the crew were great and knowledgeable and the boat spacious as they're were many of us onboard. snorkeling on the first part of the trip in the gb reef was awesome and then we travelled to another part of the reef while eating from their buffet which the food served was ok. on the second part of this trip on the boat we took a briefing about scuba diving and we decided to pay the xtra money to do this as we both never experienced this and it turned out be be one of the most enjoyable things i've ever done!! as we pulled up anchor to head back to cairns, we had booked to take the 30 min helicopter flight back with pilot brad whom was really a great person and pilot and rode right on the edge of a storm so this was a great decision to take the helicopter back and stay hi and dry! overall, i would do all of this again and recommend this to all. if i would share one small concern would be that i thought the helicopter flight back to cairns was included in the price i paid for when i booked all of this together back in september, instead of being charged later as we were boarding the evolution.

Bericht von: Bonnie H, Januar 2017

This was a terrific 2-day experience! Our Great Barrier Reef experience started off on our gorgeous boat, The Evolution. It was 6 months old, so in pristine condition. The crew - total professionals and all very helpful, fun, and engaging. All the equipment was first rate. The snorkeling was fun and educational - seeing tons of colorful fish and a spectacular reef. Our highlight was seeing an active giant 4-5 foot clam surrounded by colorful fish open and close. We visited two snorkeling sites with a tasty buffet lunch in between site locations bring your own towels and change of clothing - sitting around in wet swimsuits gets cold in an airconditioned boat. We signed up and paid extra for the exciting 30-minute helicopter ride back to Cairns that took us over large parts of the reef and several sandbar islands that we were told people boat out to or helicopter to for picnics or...wedding proposals. We met a young couple on our return to the base who had just returned from such an excursion, the young lady was wearing her new engagement ring and a huge smile. -- The Daintree Rainforest Tour was the next day. We had a two-hour train ride with spectacular scenery up to the Kuranda Village bring water and a hand-fan - the train is un-airconditioned and can be hot. Kuranda Village was very commercial, but fun AND where my daughter struck Hug a Koala off her bucket list. This was the ONE place IN Australia where you can actually pay to HOLD a koala - a very limp, catatonic animal that's the cutest thing you've ever seen/held...human babies come in a distant second. An hour-long Duck Rainforest Tour followed where we learned about the nasties that await clueless tourists wandering off rainforest trails -- wait-a-while vines and the gimpy-gimpy plant - a very poisonous neurotoxin plant. You start the tour in the morning going up the mountain in the train and return in the afternoon in a gondola for a 30-minute ride that flies over the canopy of the rainforest. That was exciting and beautiful and you keep your fingers crossed that the machinery is top-notch because there is NOTHING but rainforest gimpy-gimpy plants and wait-a-while vines for MILES around. We HIGHLY recommend this 2-day tour - both days were fantastic!

Bericht von: Daniel S, Dezember 2016

Enjoyed the rain forest and the reef
I liked the local drivers, they were very well informed.
We liked the special room on the dive boat. The food was excellent and the crew very helpful, friendly and attentive.
On the helicopter ride, we expected the pilot to give us information as we were flying over the different reefs and thought the helicopter ride would last longer.

Bericht von: Noelene C, Australia, November 2016

The trip up to Kuranda on the train was pleasant and we enjoyed wandering around Kuranda itself the mango wine tasting was great Cathy, a member of the Golden Drop family from Mareeba was a brilliant sommelier and made the experience fabulous. The market with the locally made/sourced products was better than I had expected - try the home made fudge at the Kuranda Fudge Bar and Tearoom. Hope was great fun and makes all of the myriad flavors herself. Also, don't miss the bat refuge Bat Reach on the short rainforest walk Jumrum Walk, I think. For a small donation you can get up close and personal to these incredible animals, and hear a wealth of interesting information from their carer.
There were plenty of places to have lunch in Kuranda it is an actual small town so you have most facilities available to you.
The cable car ride down was interesting. Don't worry when the car slows to almost a standstill - it's just part of the operation and you're not left hanging for more than a second or two. We chose to come straight down so can't comment on the stopovers.
Day two was great. The Catamaran, Evolution Down Under, was superb and the staff were magnificent - couldn't fault a single one for their personality, and attention to passenger enjoyment, comfort and safety. Although the seas were calm it was a bumpy ride to the reef and there were a few sick people so take your sea sickness tabs with you if you're susceptible. Having booked the 2 day package with helicopter ride back at the end, we were assigned a small lounge room which we shared with only a few other passengers. This was a pleasant surprise! The snorkeling was good and the staff assisted with getting you into the water with a minimum of fuss. For a 50 refundable deposit I was even able to hire prescription goggles which made snorkelling so much better. Flotation devices were available if you wanted a little extra security. We took the semi sub tour which was ok but I don't think I'd bother next time if you can snorkel instead.
Lunch was nice, with lots of fresh salads, prawns, sausages, fish and steak.
Returning to Cairns by helicopter with doors was a real highlight. The pilot took us over parts of the reef before we headed back to the airport about 30 mins in total. Even with a fear of heights I loved it!
From pickup on Day 1 to drop off on Day 2 this whole tour ran like clockwork and, despite the number of people on the boat for the reef trip, everyone was treated as a special person. Can't recommend this tour group more highly.