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Excursión de medio día al castillo de Karlstejn desde Praga

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  • Ubicación: Praga, República Checa
  • Duración: 4 horas 30 minutos (aprox.)
  • Código del recorrido: 2190CEDT9

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Opinión de: Denise M, octubre 2014

I loved Karlstejn Castle! Our guide was very informative and told some very interesting stories about the area. It turned out that there was a wine festival going on that day so her job was made much more challenging by the crowds. However she handled it very well by setting up meeting points, waiting in strategic places to direct each of us, and got us all back to Prague again!

Opinión de: Marshall D, abril 2014

The tour was almost an hour getting on the road from the Municipal Square and we had to then pick up someone at Old Town Square for some unaccountable reason. The guide on the way out was a bit loquacious but kept things moving. Everyone should be warned that the "walk" up to the castle from the parking area is not easy. And not for the faint of heart. Be warned. At the castle, there was another long wait. That said, the young man who showed us around the castle was absolutely terrific. Alas, I didn't get his name. A wonderful history lesson.

Opinión de: Iva R, noviembre 2012

Karlstejn is beautifull castle. Trip was well organized definitly worth the money. Thanks

Opinión de: gizmopenny, octubre 2011

An excellent trip to a very nice location. Our tour guide was quite knowledgeable, but her German was better than her English. The guide who took us round the castle was excellent - we got to see the "Crown jewels" - or a copy of them. However, the unlocking and locking of doors as we moved from room to room was farcical - as was a stray in-costume musician, playing the lyre, sat in one of the rooms - flogging his CD and with a bowl for donations!
WE had a choice of how to get from the coach park to the castle - you coudl walk for free but its very steep. Taxi was the safest, but the route was about 5km in a strange roundabout way. Horse and cart seemed too cold for mid-October. We all walked down into a sweet village area - some cafes, restaurants and food stalls available as well as shops, mostly tourist rather than craft.
A long half day though - we didn't get back to Prague until gone 2.30

Opinión de: Anónimo, marzo 2009

Good day tour from Prague, and a good way to see this very impressive castle.

Opinión de: Hans Joachim P, mayo 2015

Die Tour war sehr gut, die Reiseleiterin war sehr kompetent.
Einzige Schwachstelle war die Abfahrtszeit: bei der Online-Anmeldung wurde uns 10 Uhr genannt, in Prag haben wir zufällig am Abfahrtsort 9.30 Uhr gelesen.
Die Mitarbeiterin am Kiosk war sehr hilfsbereit und bestätigte nach einigen Telefonaten die Zeit 9.30 Uhr. So hatten wir Glück, dass wir dies rechtzeitig bemerkt hatten, ansonsten wären wir nicht dabei gewesen.
Zuhause lasen wir dann Ihre Email mit dem Hinweis auf die fehlerhafte Online-Startzeit und Ihre Entschuldigung. Soweit ok, jedoch kam die Email zu spät, da wir zu diesem Zeitpunkt bereits in Prag waren und nicht jeder liest im Urlaub seine Emails.
Fazit: bei der Zuverlässigkeit der Onlinebuchungen sehen wir dringend notwendingen Handlungsbedarf.

Opinión de: michael d, abril 2015

Castle guide not brilliant but overall well worth it

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