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Päpstliche Generalaudienz - Karten mit Erläuterungen

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  • Ort: Rom, Italien
  • Dauer: 4 Stunden (ca.)
  • Tour-Code: 3731POPE

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Bericht von: lapimienta1, Dezember 2014 Englisch

This was great! Our guide Francesca, ran ahead of our group and got us seats right along the Pope's route and we were 10 feet away from him, which made for great photos! She gave us lots of historical and anecdotal information about the Papacy and the Vatican. I know we could have gotten in for free, but there were thousands of people there and without Francesca and these tickets, I know we would have ended up in the back with the masses, seeing him as only a dot in the distance. I would pay for this agin in an instant! Thanks, Francesca!

Bericht von: WIll, USA, Dezember 2014 Englisch

Well worth it. Our guide directed us to the best place to be near Pope Francis during his entrance. Phenomenal.

Bericht von: Ralf H, Dezember 2014

Der Guide hat uns super Plätze organisiert und uns bis zur Audienz gut unterhalten.

Bericht von: Louis R, Dezember 2014 Englisch

Excellent tour guide - very knowledgeable. Did a great job in getting us very close to where the pope was going to pass. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Bericht von: Michael D, Dezember 2014 Englisch

This exceeded our expectations by miles -- yes we had to gather about two hours before the event was scheduled to start but...we got into section 1...the tour guide kept us entertained with a history of Rome and the Vatican... we ended up only feet away from the Pope in his Pope-mobile...we could see both live and the video displays perfectly...we could hear everything clearly...the exit was very quick and orderly -- just perfect. Thank you VIATOR!!!

Bericht von: Baron P, Januar 2015 Spanish

Excellente tour Excellente ubicacion, el lugar de encuentro fue facil de conseguir la guia muy buena tambiem Gracias por tan buena oportunidad

Bericht von: Catherine T, Dezember 2014 Englisch

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about how this would work. I knew we were getting there hours before the Pope would address the crowd. Francesca definitely knew exactly what to do and was a wealth of information. Before we were able to get in through the gate she talked non-stop sharing valuable information and explaining exactly what would happen when the gates opened. She secured seats right along the gate. Once seated, Francesca continued to talk making the time fly. Before we knew it the Pope was coming right down the land closest to my 85 year old mother - just a few feet from him as he passed by. An inspiring moment for all. .


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Tour-Code: 3731POPE