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Umgehen Sie die Schlange: Spaziergang in kleiner Gruppe durch die Katakomben von Paris

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  • Ort: Paris, Frankreich
  • Dauer: 2 Stunden (ca.)
  • Tour-Code: 3731CATACOMBS

Re-inforced area showing height of ceiling not far below paris now!

cowbeastie, Dezember 2011

Nearing exit, this would have been a number of tunnels on top of each other that caved in, were reinforced and made into larger walkways. You can see by looking up how near we really are to the surface..

One of the water wells

cowbeastie, Dezember 2011

The workers would use these for bathing in at the end of shift and sources or water..

Hole in tunnel wall - Shows you depth of the structures

cowbeastie, Dezember 2011

Our guide showed us this view to understand the construction of the tunnels which were made without plan in early stage. The haphazard construction put the workers and buildings above at risk to cave ins.


Rhiannon B, September 2011

cryptic messages!


Rhiannon B, September 2011



Raymond W, Mai 2011

First group of and quot;Bones and quot; you approach in the Catacombs


Raymond W, Mai 2011

Great tour guide explaining the Catacomb system, facsinating


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Tour-Code: 3731CATACOMBS