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Ballonfahrt mit Frühstück über dem Yarra-Tal bei Sonnenaufgang

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  • Ort: Melbourne, Australien
  • Dauer: 4 Stunden (ca.)
  • Tour-Code: 3127YARRA

Multiple Balloons

Anonym, März 2010

Seeing the edge of our balloon and one of our sister balloons high above us presented a great photo op! Yep, we were on our way down by now. I really wanted to stay up longer... it was so peaceful, but, alas, it was time to descend.

Over the Yarra Valley

Anonym, März 2010

On the left of the photo, just below center, is the lake near where we launched. Looking closely, the edge of our launch area is visible just under the ground fog.

Another Set of Balloons

Anonym, März 2010

Off in the distance, we could see another set of balloons in the sky. We didn't ask but it is possible they too were Global Ballooning. We had seen them rising some 2-3 miles away earlier. We had also seen balloons over Melbourne which was about an hour's drive away. I have no clue as to how far that would be in "as the crow flies" sense.

Opening The Envelope

Anonym, März 2010

Once the basket was on the trailer, Brian "pulled the appropriate strings" (pun intended) to let the heat out and allow the balloon to begin its collapse.

Sister Balloons Also Coming In

Anonym, März 2010

As our balloon was going through its deflating process, we saw one of the other balloons land. It landed on the ground, passengers got off then the pilot raised it a bit and the passengers and ground crew member guided it onto its trailer. We were SO proud of our pilot Brian!

Every Trip Has a Deflating Portion

Anonym, März 2010

We all climbed out of the basket and then the full deflation began. All passengers helped to "squish" the air out. No, it wasn't necessary for passengers to help, however, we all wanted to be part of the whole event. It just wouldn't be as much fun, nor would we have truly appreciated the dynamics of balloon fliying had we not participated!

Balloon All "Squished"

Anonym, März 2010

WHEW! We did it! We got all the air out of the balloon. The next step was to roll it up and get it back into its trailer traveling bag!
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