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Grand Canyon – Bustour zum Südrand mit optionalen Upgrades

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  • Ort: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dauer: 15 Stunden (ca.)
  • Tour-Code: 3951SRB

Mather Point, South Rim

Martin W. J, Mai 2014

Tourists at the South Rim.

South Rim

Julie K, April 2014

looking out over the canyon

Just another awesome view.

1upnorth, USA, März 2014

Again, at the South Rim, just another snowy February morning. Notice, though - no snow in the Canyon, it was just on the rim.

My son's ring

1upnorth, USA, März 2014

My son had asked me to put his ring in my pocket before I left home. I forgot to give it back to him. He really wanted to go to the Grand Canyon with me, but had school and couldn't go. So, this photo is for him because, even though he couldn't go - his ring made the trip :-)

No, its not smoke!

1upnorth, USA, März 2014

We enjoyed the way the clouds were lifting and displaying different light and shadows on the Canyon. If you looked at this spot 10 minutes later it looked completely different, which I imagine is part of the charm of the Grand Canyon.


1upnorth, USA, März 2014

This is the Excalibur Hotel and Casino where our tour left from. They told us that our bus would leave from the Rotunda Entrance - It only says and quot;Rotunda Tour Entrance and quot; on the inside of the Casino so we had a little trouble finding it.

Winter at the Grand Canyon, South Rim

1upnorth, USA, März 2014

This is at the South Rim during a chilly February morning. It wasn't too cold, just a little chilly. It had snowed a little that morning and actually made for some really pretty pictures.

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Tour-Code: 3951SRB